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Missing Teeth 3 Tooth Bridges $420.00

NancyMcGuire started this conversation

If you need dental care and you can't afford the prices I might be able to help you.  My company searched for good dentists and we found the best.  They truly care about your dental, medical and emotional health when it comes to your teeth.  No one should be in pain physically or mentally.  If you need dental help and have no money we can help you by referrals get the money.  We pay $50.00 a referral.  Our dental costs are very low a root canal is only $150.00, vaneers are only $250.00 per tooth, and extractions are $30.00, dentures are $350 full set.  Please contact me at tell me what you need and I'll tell you how we can help you get it.  Or call me at 850-225-6516 Sincerely, Nancy McGuire

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Dear Nancy,Hello i am new to this and your post was the first i seen :) I was posting my story on here hoping someone could please help me with my teeth,i am a 28year old single mother and cant afford to have teeth done they got so bad now that 2 on top are rotted down to gum and 2 on the bottom,i am in so much pain and chew on wither side it is ruining my life!I cant afford a oral dentist to get them out so i am not in so much pain and most of all i want to get teeth back there so i can smile again without being embarrassed!I live in Toms River NJ do u know of anyone that could help me!Thank You so much for listening!
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Check my blog for more information just click on the horse picture and then check this too

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i lost my job and along with it my dental insurance, then a month later, on of my front teeth, it has been very hard to find work, customer service has always been my strong point and now i can't get thru an interview without being self consious, and i know the missing tooth has cost me several jobs....

any help would be appreciated, i don't know what to do....where are you because i am very interested in any help you can give, or point me in the right direction, i went to one place and they wanted to do a bridge all the way across, more than $8000.oo and they wanted it up front, i don't have a problem with making payments, i just couldn't get the loan to pay the dentist, with my low credit score....

please help me....

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where are you at???? I am in Florida? Are you????

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I am sure you don't pull out "problem" teeth for 30 dollars each, do you? I can't get anyone to pull my bad ones without paying 650 per tooth so I just keep them and hope I will lose them a piece at a time, and then I will get dentures, but really I am asking GOD to replace my teeth with new ones since that would be the best miracle even better than miracle money to get rid of the bad ones or money to fix all my teeth...a miracles a miracle no matter how it is accomplished :) never-the-less your prices are exceptionally low :)

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